Experience The True Nepal

Experience The True Nepal

We designed an authentic Nepal vacation that will allow you to engage with the local community and immerse yourself in their culture. The "Truly Local Experiences Nepal Holidays" package will enable you to visit the country's most important historical sites, taste the local cuisine, sleeping in local houses, enjoying local culture, dance and music, spending time with locals and sharing experiences with them.

Take a unique adventure with authentic Nepalese hospitality.

Experience Lwang Village Homestay in Nepal... (Homestay Trekking Holiday)

Lwang is the one of the most beautiful Villages in Nepal. It falls under the Annapurna Conservation Area, situated at an elevation of 1460m.N 28°19´43.3” and E 083°52’29.6”. It is a gurung village where other enthnic groups like kami, damai, sarki brahmin, magar etc are also inhabitant. This beautiful village lies along the Mardi Himal Trekking Route(The New Taste Of High Himalaya in Nepal )...... continue reading

Lwang Village Homestay

Experience Remote Village Trekking in Nepal... (Exploring Wild West Jumla)

Hidden away in the foothills of the Sisne Himalaya, the remote village of Jumla (2730m) is the gateway to the wild northwest – the least developed and most inaccessible region of Nepal. Apart from foreign-aid workers, the few visitors to Jumla are here for trekking in the remote Karnali region. Most popular is the nine-day trek to/from Rara National Park with its famous sky-blue lake, the largest in Nepal...... continue reading

Remote Village Trekking in Nepal

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