Heli Trekking in Nepal

Heli Trekking in Nepal

Heli-Trekking the Himalayas - Not all of us are climbers or mountaineers and we aren't going to all be able to take an extended period of time off to get to the summit of Mt. Everest - but now that no longer means you wont get a chance to experience what it looks like up close and personal with some of the tallest, most magical, mountains on earth.

These new offerings are meant to allow you to trek into some of most remote parts of the globe, and exit in an amazing fashion allowing you to feel as though you've touched the top of the world

Heli-Trekking the Roof of the World: Everest & the Khumbu

Several changes have taken place recently in the Khumbu (Everest) region that enable visitors now to explore the world’s tallest mountains in an abbreviated time frame, and capping the adventure off with a helicopter tour that will literally take your breath away.

After trekking for a week or even less, you’ll board your chopper and cross three passes over 17,000’, getting in so close to Everest and her neighbors that you experience the same kind of views previously available only to world-class mountaineers.

New lodges that have been built on the trail to base camp provide a level of comfort that earlier trekkers could only dream about. The goal of this sample itinerary is to show you how short of a trip you can take while still getting the full experience of being in the Himalaya and being a part of the biggest mountains on earth. Heli Trek in Everest Region

Heli-Trekking the Valleys and Peaks of Manaslu & Tsum

Manaslu was only opened to trekkers in the 1990s, and still sees relatively little traffic. Most treks here require three weeks of trekking and a month door-to-door. By using a helicopter exit, we reduce door-to-door time to just over two weeks.

The chopper ride back to Kathmandu takes you over the imposing Rupina La, a 15,450’ pass with dramatic close-up views of several peaks in the Manaslu massif. The trekking is challenging, nights are spent in tents, but the mountain views are superb and the finale unforgettable. Heli Trek in Manaslu Region

Langtang Heli Trekking

This flight departs from Kathmandu domestic airport and lands at Ghore Tabla(2850m), where you begin trekking towards Langtang village(3050m), mostly inhabited by the Sherpas. On the second day, you continue trekking to Kyanjing(3850m); yak pastures and quaint villages can be encountered en route. Kyanjin Gompa and government operated cheese factory makes it an insightful sightseeing tour. Eventually on the third day you fly back to Kathmandu from Kyanjing. Heli Trek in Langtang Region

Heli-Trekking the Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang

Above the Clouds' sample Mustang itinerary runs 18 days door-to-door, and includes a helicopter ride from Lo Manthang back to Kathmandu at the end. However, we can operate a custom Mustang trek in as few as 12 days USA-to-USA, maintaining a full day in Lo Manthang at the end, to explore the the walled city and famed monasteries of the capital of this once forbidden kingdom.

We can also modify the chopper ride back to Kathmandu to include a side trip into the stunning Annapurna Sanctuary, where you’ll feel like an eagle surrounded by soaring snow-capped peaks on all sides. Heli Trek in Mustang Region

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