Trekking in Manang Valley

Trekking in Manang Valley

Manang valley is beneath the giant mountains of Annapurna’s and is very rich in its culture.Manang valley is divided into two catogories like upper Manang valley and lower Manang valley.

Upper manang valley is divided into 6 villages and they are Pisang (3280m), Gyaru (3670m), Ngwal (3657m), Braka (3470m), Manang (3540m) and Khanskar (3738m). People from these villages are called Nyeshyangte (nye=us, shyang=historical place in Tibet) so its believed that ancestors of these valley decented from Tibet but some old people denies this and it kind of make sense because their is no simalirity in language. People are buddhist in this valley, there are lots of chortens,mani walls,prayers flags and yes monastries that are above 500 years old. This valley is famous for its rich culture,monastries,wildlife,highest lake(Tilicho lake) and its highest pass,Thorang La Pass 5416m.

Practical information from the area Manang - Annapurna area:

Trek around Annapurnas: leads in Manang in Marsyangdi river valley, which is also the main artery of this whole area. Over the eponymous town center Manang then it bends in a desert river valley Thorong Khola, then climbed to the highest point of the whole trek - Thorong la Pass.

Variants of trek around Annapurna: there are several ways to go just a little bit different and more interesting than the classic itinerary of Trek: instead of going through the valley, go through the village Timang (here with a little luck you'll have absolutely amazing views of the sunset over adjoining Manaslu massif). From the Upper Pisang again to continue the way through Ghyaru and Ngawal.

Tilicho / Mesokanto la Trek: The most famous and beautiful extensions of trek around Annapurna is the short side leading to the lake Tilicho lying directly under the main Himalayan ridge. From there most of tourists returning by the same route back, or you can go on and go through the saddle and North Mesokanto la pass directly into Jomsomu (difficult alternative to classical crossing Thorong la Pass).

Chulu BC trek: the short hike from the Ledar village through the valley to base camp Chulu.

Nar Phu trek: an interesting, much less crowded (this part of Manang was completely closed to tourists for many years) and the more arid areas in the north of the valley of Nar and Phu. Here they are preserved beautiful Buddhist villages and very nice Himlung mountain (7126 m above sea level). The trek begins in Chame, where it disconnects from the traditional routes around Annapurna. On this circuit is then returned through the saddle Kangle Bhanjyang.

Saribung trek: basically expedition trek connecting the Nar Phu with former Kingdom of Upper Mustang. Can be combined with the climb to Saribung mountain

Namun trek: the less crowded trek linking Lamjung with Manang along the route of the former trade route (before it was built the route through the valley Marsyangdi) over about the same saddle (4900 m above sea level).

Manaslu and Annapurna connection Trek: The trek for people with high temporal possibilities and with great endurance.

Major Attractions in Manang Valley

Manang - Annapurna area

Amazing region full of high mountains in the shadow of the majestic ridge of Annapurnas is located on the upper reaches of the beautiful Marsyangdi River in central Nepal. You should slow down here - not only because of acclimatization, but mainly due fantastic views from all sorts of lookouts enthroned above the base path trek around Annapurnas. Northern part of the area situated in Damodars Himalaya is largely arid, mainly due to monsoon shield, and only on the highest mountains are the remnants of glaciers. In extremely deserted valleys around Nar and Phu rivers are amazing ancient Buddhist villages. Most tourists will experience this type of landscape only at the final ascent to Thorong la Pass, when they finally leave the Manang region. Local life and tourists gather in the villages along the Marsyangdi River, where even small-scale agriculture is quite successful. South impenetrable border of the region is basically designed just for admiring from a safe distance.

Hike around Manang

Hike through Manang is for most tourists the most important part of big walk around Annapurnas. You'll see the individual peaks of this eight thousand high massif from beautiful outlook places. Along the way you will be able to get to know Buddhist culture and architecture. There is much better weather than on the other side of the mountains due to the rainfall shadow.

Lake Gangapurna Tal

One of the attractions in Manang lying just below the town is a small lake Gangapurna tal, which is situated along the moraine of the most important glacier in the area, which significantly retreated during the last few decades. Around the lake leads a popular tourist trail to the lookout Chongkor, from which you can well see the lake.

Chorten over Bhardoche

Forgotten outlook point behind Ngawal - Nice side trip from Ngawal is a short hike to the village of ghosts Bhardoche lying on smaller upland plain and an ascent from it to the outlook hill.

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